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It's the Greatest Thing That's Yet to Have Happened!

Imagine knowing me!

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Brittany -BITCHFACE-
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mirror mirror on the wall, who's the bitchiest of them all?
well brittany of course!

✖ My name is Brittany. Yeah, that's right. I don't need to have my name in romaji or Japanese when it's perfectly fine in English! BECAUSE BURITUNI LOOKS RETARDED.
✖ I'm one egotistical, narcisstic, self-loving bitch. But I love and care for my friends enough to point out their obvious faults! Am I considerate or what!?
✖ From Arizona, one of the best states in the USA! Why? Because Kiyoharu has a sexy song called 'Arizona' too. ;D
✖ Being perverse, offensive, a bit racist, humorous in the most disgusting ways happens to be what I do all the time! Don't like it? GET OUT! 8D
✖ Friending locking shit is stupid and meaningless. I don't do it. Have fun stalking my life, bitches!
✖ I won't join anything for your shit unless I want to!
✖ I'm not a pushover and I will kick your ass if decide to try bitching me out~!

☆ I love → Himegyaru, mmm_jrockcrack, Roleplaying, The Crack Brigade, WANCHAN~!, Para Para, Furi, Bumyo, KISAKIxRiku, KaoruxRiku, KiyoharuxRiku, Drama, Wank, The KKK (KISAKI, Kaoru, and Kiyoharu)

chariots, Phantasmagoria, Dir en grey, Hello!Project, Super Junior, & UNDER-CODE PRODUCTION

Riku, KISAKI, Kyo, Kaoru, Kiyoharu:

These People:
lailu, bukkakeinureye, terashii, teh_chaney, sadisticplay, explicit_poetry, kazou_kiriyama, projection, imperfect__star

★ I hate →
Stupid people, Canadians, Yunho, Takahashi Ai, People who get offended easily, DBSK, People who take me too seriously, Obsessive people in fandoms, Those who make "THIS IS WHY _____IS GREAT/I LOVE ____" posts on their LJs, Fags who think they run a fandom when they don't know shit.

♪ I've been banned from/owned → jrockhumor, dbsg, dir_en_grey, banana_tango, jrockyaoi

♪ I've been banned from for five seconds only to be un-banned because the mod is cool → atomic_attic

♪ I wtf constantly over the fact that I haven't been banned from/owned → gazette_media

♥ ADVERTISING! → koi_no_bakansu, mmm_jrockcrack, aprilfoolsbitch


This was all made by Faithy 'cause Brittany fucked up the profile Amber made for her last time D:<

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25 levels of Deceived Mad Pain COMPLETE 50 levels of Deceived Mad Pain COMPLETE
75 levels of Deceived Mad Pain COMPLETED 100 levels of Deceived Mad Pain COMPLETED

Credit my azn slave, sadisticplay 8D

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